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Me and some friends went the other night, then ihtting some bars and a club. asktiava We came home with about 3 in the morning and my friend Mike went to bed. This has left me and my friend Jay. Bothered and decided to take a look at Jay a friend of mom who was in the evening. We opened the door of the room and slowly lay down wi the blanket and could see her beautiful breasts with large nipples hard. Jay took a picture and then we decided to see if she was naked. Gradually I began to remove the blanket, but finished the process much caressed the thighs. When left to complain a bit, so I push my luck out. I slip my hand another round until he was asktiava on top of her pubic hair and then pushed it into her pussy. I found her clit and started rubbing slowly. She began to moan and part legs and I slid my hand down and found her pussy was soaked, so I have some juice and started rubbing on her clit. They really took it, and UPSd ' oh yes'. I heard 'because I thought it was a wakeup call, and then he looked at me and said 'please do not stop. ' He was sentenced asktiava toAwake! Jay and I could not believe it, but both entered the room, closed the door and got into bed with her. I quickly went to her and Jay cock in the mouth. She lowers her pussy on my face, until she said.. 'I want your cock ' I was n't to discuss, and teased my cock and dripping along her slit, all the time I asked was to fuck them, who had called to his dog, and she agreed with us and say how much she needed cock. then I hit my cock in her and makes her gasp as I suggested that she began to moan and then came hard, her pussy clamping down on my cock. This was too much for me and I told him I was coming. I was told to fill, so I was forced to spray the whole body made MyLoader. Jay blow your load this right in the throat and swallowed the lot like a slut well. usThen they were moved to the side and play with her tits and pussy and she wanked our cocks, come back with full force. Jay said then. 'I want to fuck you hard' and down and slid into her from behind Now she grabbed my penis and put it in his mouth and gave me the best blowjob ever well for about 5 minutes with more hot and more.. Jay Bock at the cock as I fucked her mouth, I said, 'you will have a GP ?' She tried to protest, but we feel Jay Hahn, and lined my cock and slowly pushed into her tight ass . She screamed in pain, but soon my cock and held it all to relax there. I have begun to push slowly and began to buck Jay Hahn. asktiava The more I pushed her ass loser and most groaned asktiava with pleasure. ' Doyou like a cock in the ass dirty bitch ?' I said. 'Fuck yeah, fuck the ass with her big hard cock, it feels asktiava so good I really began to beatand they loved them, running hard on our two roosters. Jay said he would come and was then removed and has been both on the ground, took our two cocks in her mouth kneel, licked her ass juices from my cock. That was asktiava enough to push them both over the edge asktiava and sprayed our cum all over her pretty face. We Carrer in hell to 6 hours, as all our beds.
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